Experimental Durian Swiss Roll Cake

Happy Sunday pastry lovers!

Here's a little sneak peak of what our team of bakers have been experimenting with. Presenting to you our first trial of making a Durian swiss roll cake! Contrary to other recipes in the market, our experimental durian swiss roll cake currently looks dull coloured as it does not contain any additional mix-in of cream in the filling to ensure the strong flavour bursts of the durian puree.

If cream is added, the taste of the durian puree will be adversely affected since the levels of the durian flesh will be diluted. As such, there is a current trade-off between being visually appealing and being optimised to elicit the strong flavour bursts of the durian puree. In conjunction, the addition of cream filling will also bump up the calorie count of the dessert, making it a less healthy treat for those whom lean towards being health conscious.

That being said, our team of bakers are up to the challenge and firmly believe that they are able to create a durian swiss roll cake which delivers a high quality taste and not sacrificing on the visual appearance of the product. Our subsequent step will be to make the surface of the cake more visually appealing with vibrant colours. This is to ensure our commitment of delivering the highest quality durian products and other pastries to our customers.

After some research on various swiss roll cake recipes, we discovered that the outer layer of the cake can be made visually appealing through the addition of "tiger stripes" and other patterns such as Hello Kitty faces. With a wide array of designs available for choice, there comes the dilemma of which pattern will customers be most receptive towards. Other concerns which have also arisen will include the product shelf life of the durian swiss roll cake, and whether additional toppings should be included on the surface layer of the cake itself. More trials will definitely have to be carried out in order to produce a suitable durian swiss roll cake for retail.

Look forward to our upcoming blog posts as we share about our baking journey and other pastry related articles :) Your thoughts and comments will be most appreciated as well!

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