Sunny The Durian

Ever wondered who is the sweet and helpful little durian who handles all your enquiries and produces fresh pastries to tempt your palates? Meet Sunny the Durian, the official mascot of Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries!

Sunny the Durian was born in the jungles of Pulau Ubin on a bright sunny morning, hence his name. As a kid, his dad and mum always told him about what it means to be a durian. “Listen son,” his father would always say, “we durians grow up, fall down, and then wait for someone to pick and open us up. That's what we've done for hundreds of years.” But Sunny was different. “I don't want to wait for someone to pick me up. I want to pick myself up and walk on my own!” And so he did. On the day that Sunny fell from his family tree, he picked himself up, and crossed the sea on a boat to sunny Singapore island.

Sunny wanted to visit all the different parts of Singapore. Even though he was not allowed on the MRT trains, he was not the least bit discouraged. “I want to walk on my own,” he said. “Walking will keep me fit.” As he walked all over Singapore, Sunny met people from all walks of life who looked like they needed some of his tasty and nutritious fruit to add flavour to their lives. He gave some of his fruit to a baker, who used it to bake scrumptious durian puffs which he gave to a poor couple who had no food to celebrate their son’s birthday. He gave some of his fruit to a pastry chef, who used it to make a crispy and tantalising durian strudel, which he shared with hungry students who were preparing for their exams. He also gave some of his fruit to an ice-cream man, who used it to make mouth-watering durian ice cream which he distributed to tired office workers on their way home after a long day at work.

Everywhere Sunny went, he realised how he could make people happy by picking himself up and giving a bit of himself to others. “Even though I fell down, I’m glad I decided to pick myself up and come here,” he said. “Meeting me brought a smile to many people’s faces, and I have indeed brought the Sun into their lives.”

Nowadays, when Sunny is not training in the gym to pick himself (or other heavy weights) up, he is out and about, visiting places like Causeway Point and Bedok North to share his wonderful flavour with others, regardless of whether they are celebrating, working or trying to find a way to relax. He’s even met a lovely lady-durian, who he brought on a date to the Esplanade. She says, “Sunny is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met!”