New Yummies Alert! - Mini Madeleines and Almond Sticks

Enjoyed as a hearty snack or as a complement to our existing product lines, we would like to welcome our Mini Madeleines and Almond Sticks to our family of pastries. 

The description of both items are as follows: 

Mini Madeleines

Classic French tea cakes with a distinctive shell-like shape and bumpy surface. Thick in size but soft and fluffy with a combination of slight lemon zest and buttery flavour.

Best when complemented with a bowl of cold bean curd, the perfect fusion of a light snack between Western and Asian delights indeed! 

100 grams of Mini Madeleines per bag.

Almond Sticks

Choux pastry crust layered with almond flakes and baked to perfection to give a crispy and crunchy sensation.

Comes in a bag of 5 sticks each.

Do keep your eyes peeled for more updates as we prepare additional fanciful delights for the upcoming Christmas season! :) 


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