Christmas Logcake Preorder Is Now Available

Christmas is quickly approaching and each year, bakers at various establishments compete to produce creative cakes and festive favorites in an attempt to tempt your palates. While Christmas is thought of as a highly commercialized holiday, we cannot deny the fact that there is something comforting, enthralling and heartwarming about sumptuous Christmas dinners with your loved ones which leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling from all the joy and laughter experienced around the dinner table.

Without a doubt, it is hard to think of a Christmas ritual that isn't tied to food, and Christmas would not be the same without the honorable presence of the log cake. No proper bakery will go through this holiday season without a delicate log cake available for retail. The log cake is an elaborate creation which consists of a swiss roll cake frosted with chocolate icing to look like a tree bark and subsequently adorned with meringue mushrooms, Santa figurine and other edible decorations. Indeed, this rich and velvety dessert is a classic feature which we look forward to when the season arrives.

While you are busy making preparations, have you ever wondered how the bark-like texture resemblance of the log cake is created? This texture is actually created by dragging a fork through the icing of the cake. Of course, the textures will vary depending on the level of creativity and artwork which the bakers wish to present.

Based on the diversity of log cakes available in the market, consumers are often spoilt for choice. However, research has shown that the availability of choice actually has a contrary effect and serves to impair decision making instead. This will subsequently lead to cognitive dissonance and buyer's remorse, something which we will proactively want to avoid during this festive season. Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries is a solution to the potential problem which you might face. As a pastry specialist, we also offer desserts which can complement our Christmas log cake which is currently available for preorder. As such, you can focus on enjoying a gastronomic dessert table feast while resting assured that the entire process is hassle free.

Details and images of our log cake are as follows:

Full frontal view of the Chocolate Christmas Log Cake.

Life-like meringue mushrooms added for the perfect finish.

Santa having a good time and relaxing on top of the log cake.


Chocolate Flavored Logcake presented in a dimension of 10" x 6" x 6", specially created in celebration of the festive Christmas season!

Chocolate swiss roll cake layered upon a crumbly tart crust and topped with milk chocolate ganache. Lovingly surrounded by life-like meringue mushrooms for the perfect finish. May you get a sugar rush high from the "magic mushrooms" included.

* Up to 3 days of pre-order notice required. Highly recommended to place an order early to avoid disappointment.

Each log cake is retailed at $58.

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