Debut at Old Rochor Beancurd

That’s right. We’re pretty sick of this long distance relationship we’re having with most of you, and without doubt, we miss you. It’s unfair how you’re always travelling to the far North or East just for us…so this time (and maybe more chances in the future), WE ARE BRINGING OURSELVES CLOSER TO YOU! This festive season, Sunlife will be making its debut at Old Rochor Beancurd (27 FOCH ROAD #01 - 03 HOA NAM BUILDING (ALONG JALAN BESAR)). 

For those who are unaware, the Rochor beancurd war was the result of business rivalry among four siblings. Out of the four siblings, one of them operated Min Traditional Beancurd and You Tiao over at Short Street and have garnered loyal supporters for their traditional beancurd. As part of their efforts in re-branding, they have subsequently relocated to Hoa Nam Building and renamed themselves as Old Rochor Beancurd.

Previous stall over at Short street.

Over at the new location of Hoa Nam Building.

From now onwards, you can also savor Sunlife's signature mini durian puffs, mini cream puffs and mini chocolate eclairs as you enjoy your bowl of traditional beancurd! Even though Christmas is now over, our pastries are here to stay due to the strong demand for our products. Do try to get your sweet tooth satisfied early as our desserts are selling like hot cakes over at this location! We look forward to bringing you more surprises for the upcoming year :).


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