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Of course, it is not fair to compare this small food kiosk with those well established pastry house out in the market that comes a premium price tags. For us, Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries has the quality we like and reasonably priced desserts to meet our sweet tooth.


There is always feedback we don’t have sufficient coverage of food review at the Northern part of Singapore. Well, we got to admit this is truth and we seriously have to extend the antenna of our olfactory system to pick up the fragrance from the north. 

Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries was tipped off by one of our fans and we decided to check it out after our lunch at Woodlands Centre Road Food Centre.

Located in the basement of Causeway Point, Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries could easily be missed engulfed by the sea of food kiosks. The two ladies in the family was elated to see the assortments of puff and tarts in the display, though we had our stomach chock-full with food from our lunch, let’s admit ladies have the spare stomach to contain all the desserts and it is a pretty big one.

Mini Durian Puff (20 pieces) $11

D24 durian purée stuffed in between the soft and puffy cream puff, no added cream to dilute the pungently fruit, we can appreciate the freshness of the durian purée as well, not watery or acerbic as a result of prolonged storage. Good durian puff indeed. 

 Fruit Tarts (6 pieces) $4.80

The first thing to convince us buying the fruit tarts has to be the freshness of the fruits, we usually looked through all the fruit tarts carefully to ensure all the fruit toppings are fresh and bright in color, any sign of stale fruit or feeble crust is a clear sign of no go for us. We were pleased that every fruit tart was fresh. The crust and the filling were all tasted pretty nice and well-loved by all of us.

Mini Eclair (6 pieces) $3.80

The Eclair may not be the best but still reasonably nice. The chocolate cream was smooth and has the right mix, we like the flow of the cream, it oozing out from the choux but not dripping everywhere when bite, evidently a good mixture to take care of the texture which was not too runny or too viscous. The chocolate glaze made a good pairing to complement and a nice touch to the overall pastry. It will be nice if the choux could be more refined to attain a smoother texture.

Durian Strudels $2.40 

 It has a nice paper-thin flaky crust but we wish the number of folded layers can be more to give a better bite feel. Again, the pure durian purée was fresh and sweet. We have not detected any unripe durian used in the purée.  

Apple Strudels $2.20

Similar to the Durian Strudels for the crust but a mildly sweet Apple filling was used. A little more flavour will help to add more zest to the filling and make it more appealing to the tastebuds.

Chocolate Lava $2.50

A dessert hard to resist, Sunlife’s Chocolate Lava cake has an additional biscuit crust as the base to add on another dimension to the taste. Chocolate was rich and moist, the molten lava was rich and able to flow smoothly when cut. Not easy to find a $2.50 chocolate Lava cake and we think it worth for a try if you have a craving for it, you don’t need to visit a cafe and pay a premium for something may not be better than the Chocolate Lava here. 

Of course, it is not fair to compare this small food kiosk with those well established pastry house out in the market that comes a premium price tags. For us, Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries has the quality we like and reasonably priced desserts to meet our sweet tooth.


Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries 


1. Causeway Point Shopping Mall, 1 Woodlands Square Singapore 738099

Hrs: 10am – 10pm

2. Blk 136, Bedok North Ave 3, #01-140, Singapore 460136 (333 Coffeeshop)

Hrs: 1pm – 10pm, Closed on Tuesdays





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