Arrival Of The Durian Season

Hey folks! Thank you so much for your patience. After such a long wait, we are excited to announce that the durian season is finally here! With the fruitful harvest this June, you can now satisfy your cravings with our signature pastries which are filled with great quality pure durian flesh. We are also exploring the possibility of introducing premium Mao Shan Wang durian puffs in time to come.

That aside, non-durian dessert lovers do not have to feel left out during this season of joy. We have also prepared new delectable and luscious handmade goodies such as macarons and classic cupcakes for the expansion of our catalogue.

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Alternatively, please feel free to contact us at 98340792 or drop us an email at to discuss your needs. We will try our best to fulfil all your requirements which you have in mind.

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