Customised Wedding Package - Wedding of Nigel and Dorcas

Holding a wedding lunch / dinner banquet and worried about your guests feeling hungry prior to the main event? Or simply looking to spice things up a little and to showcase your great hospitality? Why not add a touch of magic with some pastries from Sunlife Durian Puffs and Pastries? 
Just like how Nigel and Dorcas had it all planned out, the guests at their wedding banquet reception had the opportunity to enjoy Sunlife Pastries' rockstar products (such as durian puffs, macarons, fruit tarts, chocolate eclairs and chocolate lava cakes).
Styled by Confetti Assembly, the display of pastries sure does look highly romantic (:
Looking to customise a pastry package for an upcoming event too? Why not find out more with us today! 

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