Holla all durian lovers! Are you keeping a close track on the durian season? Just like many fellow Singaporeans, we too have a consistent year-long craving for a good durian treat but hate having to keep track or wait for the seasons to arrive. 

Thank goodness for equally wholesome (if not even better) versions of the King of Fruits - presenting themselves in the form of Durian Pastries! 

Here at Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries, we've compiled a list of our most popular signature durian pastries that are flying off the shelves on the daily! Which is your favourite? 

Signature D24 Mini Durian Puffs 

Filled only with 100% pure D24 fresh durian puree with no additional mix-ins of cream or sugar, this item is totally the bomb! If you are craving for the real deal then look no further, these puffs are every Durian lover's dream come true. Every bite is sure to delight with their strong flavour bursts and soft pillowy texture.

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D24 and Mao Shan Wang Cake 

Easily the go-to cake choice when it comes to birthday celebrations for a durian lover. Trust us, this is the ultimate treat! Think: 2 wholesome layers of pure durian sandwiched between fluffy chiffon cake layers! Did we mention how this is a "No Butter, Low Fat" cake too? 

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Durian Cake Roll 


The perfect option for when you're having a craving for Sunlife Pastries' durian cake, yet do not have a special occasion / birthday celebration anytime soon to warrant the purchase of a whole cake. Well, we've got them available in a smaller version as a durian cake roll instead! 100% pure durian filling cushioned by a layer of fluffy hokkaido sponge cake. Get them by the slice and be prepared for a wholesome durian treat!

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D24 Durian Crepe

For the true durian lover who's ever ready to take on a rich & indulgent durian treat! Featuring Sunlife Pastries' very own rendition of the Durian Crepe - 100% pure D24 Durian Puree & a layer of hokkaido chiffon cake enveloped in a layer of fragrant crepe! 

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Durian Mochi

Soft, sweet and chewy on the outside, while boasting an aromatic punch of D24 durian puree filling within. For durian lovers who prefer a creamier rendition of their durian treat! Just like ice cream, these delights are best enjoyed as a frozen dessert.

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Durian Eclairs 

For the durian-loving chocolate lover! How does that work!? Well, definitely possible - we say! Introducing Sunlife Pastries' Durian Eclair! Perfect for when regular durian pastries feel too mainstream and a touch of chocolate makes for the perfect combination. Think: A delectable combination of crisp choux pastry with pure D24 durian fruit filling...topped with chocolate glaze. Oh yes, count me in!

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Durian Macarons 

A fusion delight that’s all set to set your hearts on fire! Fragrant and chewy macaron shells filled with pure D24 Durian Puree in between. Nothing else comes close to our version of this French-Asian fusion delight - there’s no better way to enjoy this “bittersweet” taste! 

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Durian Strudel

Baked to golden brown perfection with our in-house formula, these strudels are undoubtedly one of Sunlife Pastries' most fragrant and addictive treat! Generously filled with 100% pure durian puree in between to serve as the perfect complement, there's no wonder why this item is well-loved by many and commonly spotted at family gatherings and intimate celebrations!

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There you go! A list of the most popular durian pastries all rounded up for you! Which is your favourite variation? How do you like your durian done? Let us know, and we look forward to spotting some of these durian delights at your next gathering/ celebration! 




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