Party Package A1 + Tsum Tsum Themed Baby Shower Party!

Most parents would agree that the celebration of a child's milestone is definitely something not to be missed! In fact, it should be something much celebrated with family and friends in the most magical and memorable way.

In collaboration with Fancy Up Events, Sunlife Durian Puffs & Pastries catered our Party Package A1 for a Tsum Tsum themed baby shower! 

Aren't these Tsum Tsum themed decorations by Fancy Up Events simply adorable? They make it convenient and fuss-free for guests to enjoy our pastries such as cream puffs / durian puffs too!

Sunlife Pastries' fruit tarts have a highly unique and yummy flavour as commented by the guests

Chocolate fudge brownies that are well loved by the young and old alike

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