D24 Durian Macarons (Set of 6 pieces)

D24 Durian Macarons (Set of 6 pieces)

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A fusion delight that’s all set to set your hearts on fire! Fragrant and chewy macaron shells filled with pure D24 Durian Puree in between. Nothing else comes close to our version of this French-Asian fusion delight - there’s no better way to enjoy this “bittersweet” taste! Available at $2/pc - What a steal for this luxurious treat!

Current available macaron shells:

Vanilla Macaron Shell

Chocolate Macaron Shell

Mixed Set ( 3 pieces Vanilla shell, 3 pieces Chocolate shell)

The macarons are best consumed within 2 days. Please keep refrigerated or frozen in the freezer (frozen macarons have a shelf life of 2 weeks, and they taste just as fresh as when they were first baked).